Barbara Dennis — Teaching
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Dr. Dennis is one of the most amazing people/ faculty/ professor/ feminist/ humanist/ researcher I have had the pleasure of working with. She changed my thinking in ways I could not anticipate and I have truly appreciated this class and what I have learned. Just a wonderful and enlightening experience.
(Y613, Spring 2016)

This is the first graduate course I have taken in the School of Education where deep, active learning has taken place in the classroom. It moves beyond discussions of assigned readings and actually engages you in research methods through interactive exercises.
(Y633, Summer 2017)

Absolutely wonderful professor. Incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and supported[sic]. Created an atmosphere where we could engage in rich discussions without worrying about wrong answers. Absolutely pushed my understanding of research and methodology. I feel very lucky to have had Dr. Dennis for my professor for this course
(Y521, Spring 2015).

The instructor was authentic and lived the theories and methodologies she taught. Her vulnerability and honesty with the rest of the class allowed us to be vulnerable and honest as well. I felt comfortable and safe discussing difficult topics and exploring my identity as well as the systems of oppression to which I contribute
(Y633, Summer 2017)

This was one of the best classes that I have taken at IU! Barbara takes her time to invest in the work of all her students. It is evident that Barbara genuinely cares about our learning process in and outside of class. She is also very aware of her privileged identities as well as her vulnerabilities, and I really appreciated her sharing those with us through the course. It allowed me to engage in self-reflection that I think is critical as I continue my studies at IU. She is an incredible professor.
(Y633, Summer 2017)

Barbara pushed me out of my comfort zone in terms of the way I approach research and meaning…the class challenged my own understanding and encouraged me to look not only at our readings by others as well. I will be bouncing around these ideas for some time to come.
(Y612, Fall 2017)

Dr. Dennis did a wonderful job with class, especially considering it was online. The discussions were incredibly engaging and informative. I was worried when I signed up that I wouldn’t get as much of this class since it was online, although I know Dr. Dennis is a wonderful instructor. Luckily, that worry was unneeded as this proved to be one of the best learning experiences I have here at IU, even when dcomparied to in-person classes. Dr. Dennis did an exemplary job pushing our discussions along, and supporting our learning through comments and probing questions.
(Y611, Summer 2016)

This is one of the best classes I’ve taken at IU. Barbara is an outstanding instructor and has so much knowledge to convey.
(Y630, Fall 2014)

Barbara is not only brilliant, but able to express complex material in straightfowward language with examples from everyday life. Additionally, her pedagogical practice is engaging, including a wide range of activities (individual and cooperative) that provide students with additional entry points into course content. Barbara really is quite amazing! Additionally, she is compassionate and approachable. I believe she truly cares about each of her students and supports us in doing our best work
(Y600, Spring 2014)

Best online course I've taken, because of the instructor's consistent presence on the online forums and the small group discussion format! I also found many of the readings very thought-provoking, and thought the course was extremely well-organized. The instructor was ALWAYS very accessible to answer questions and seemed to take the course 'as seriously' as face-to-face courses. I also really liked the constant encouragement to find clarification through additional sources that we found online.
(Y520, Spring 2009)

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